Heleen Van Lynden’s oil paintings attempt to translate the immense variety of colours, forms, lights and shades contained in the real, by exploring all of its subjects and all of its sides. An attentive observer of the world, who is curious, adventurous and a keen traveler, the artist looks differently at what surrounds her, landscapes, nature, cities, animals, objects or humans, and lays them down on canvas poetically, a reality passed through the filter of her emotions. This “sensitive realism” explores the real through the subjectivity of the painter and the phenomenon of transformation that occurs between what pre-existed and what is created on the canvas.

Heleen Van Lynden’s spontaneous, intuitive gestures advance by layer and take back the compositions in time, change them, improve them, develop them, classify them. The light before the rain fell, the light after the rain fell, the sun performing its course, the water changing colour, the people walking, the faces aging, all subjects are explored and combined all the time. Like a Rembrandt, the nude, nature, the portrait, everything real is the pretext to the art of painting and the test of emotions.

Sorts of photographs stationary in the time that passes, cities that are constructed, people that meet, exchange or separate, and natures that change or are destroyed, the works of Heleen Van Lynden multiply the points of view revealing the artist’s subjective capacity to embrace the world.